Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)

Research Reports

The Research Team would study the supply and demand side of exports in general and sectoral terms, identify bottlenecks on the supply side and opportunities on the demand side. Based on the analysis suggest measures to overcome the problems. Analyze increasing and decreasing international trends in Pakistan’s overall exports & imports to various countries and regions and possible reasons thereof and suggest necessary measures which could be taken by the government to arrest the negative trends and reinforce the positive ones.
Analysis Conducted by TDAP Research Team
Research ReportsResearcherDetails
Textile Sector
Export Trade Potential: HandbagsMahendar Kumarpdf-2--v1
Import Substitution for Raw Materials used in Textile
Industry: Case for Towels
Mahin Azizpdf-2--v1
Comparative Analysis of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
of Pakistan (Textile & Leather Sector)
Mahendar Kumarpdf-2--v1
Mines Sector
Talcum Powder A Value Added Product Of TalcSyed Anas Mateenpdf-2--v1
Utilization of Soap Stone Reserves in Pakistan Benefits and ChallengesTaha Farooqpdf-2--v1
Trade Analysis of Pakistan’s Chemical Sector A Case of Exploring
Opportunities in Polyester Staple Fiber Industry
Basit Alipdf-2--v1
Pre Feasibility Study of Kaolin Beneficiation PlantMuhammad Hamzapdf-2--v1
Business Opportunities in Mineral Sector of Pakistan A Case Study of FluoriteSuleman Akrampdf-2--v1
Pre-feasibility Study of Ferrochrome PlantYasir Nawaz Farooquipdf-2--v1
Export Potential of Magnesium Oxide A Case
of Exploiting Opportunities in Mineral Industry
Basit Alipdf-2--v1
Current Situation and Future Prospects of Raw Copper in PakistanMaryam Younuspdf-2--v1
Analysis of Chromite Potential and its Value-added
Products in Pakistan
Yasir Nawaz Farooqipdf-2--v1
Analysis of Minerals and Metals of Pakistan : The case of GypsumYasir Nawaz Farooquipdf-2--v1
Agro Food Sector
Exploring Potential of Rice Exports from PakistanIqra Ilyas / Umair Ali Sangipdf-2--v1
Potential of Potato Exports from PakistanSalma Nusrat, Iqra Tariq, Umair Ali Sangi, Iqra Ilyaspdf-2--v1
Fisheries: Potential of PakistanSalma Nusratpdf-2--v1
Palm Oil for Pakistan – A burden or Breather : In-depth Analysis
of Pakistan’s Edible Oil Industry
Aiman Alipdf-2--v1
Engineering Sector
Pakistan's potential exports of Motorcycle IndustrySuleman Akrampdf-2--v1
Furniture Industry of Pakistan: Trade, Obstacles and OpportunitiesBasit Alipdf-2--v1
Toy Industry – A case Study of Pakistan Iqra Tariqpdf-2--v1
Petroleum Sector of Pakistan and Its DynamicsSuleman Akrampdf-2--v1
Import Substitution for Raw Materials used in Textile Industry: Case for TowelsMahin Azizpdf-2--v1
Pharmaceuticals, Surgical Goods & Sports Goods
Medical Device Regulation in the European Union - Costs and
Procedures: How the Government can Support Exporters
Danial Ahmed Qureshipdf-2--v1
Export Potential for OTC Drugs in Central Asian CountriesSyed Anas Mateenpdf-2--v1
Concession of Tariff Given to Raw Material Used in PharmaceuticalSyed Anas Mateenpdf-2--v1
Trade Facilitation Division
Analysis of existing utility rate of tariff lines negotiated in FTA with MalaysiaDanial Ahmedpdf-2--v1
Analyses of Tariff Rationalization of 1623 Tariff linesTaha Farooqpdf-2--v1
Trade Potential of Latin American countries: Chile, Argentina & BrazilMahendar Kumarpdf-2--v1
Prospects of Potential PTA with Uzbekistan & Tajikistan with
Targeted Lines for Concession
Rida Rizvipdf-2--v1
Trade Opportunities for Pakistan in RussiaUmair Ali Sangipdf-2--v1
Potential of Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) between
Pakistan and Afghanistan
Maryam Younuspdf-2--v1
Exploring Pakistan’s Trade Potential in the African RegionIqra Ilyaspdf-2--v1
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