Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)

GSP Schemes

Pakistan is a beneficiary for the GSP Schemes of the European Union (EU), Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Accordingly, import of GSP-eligible products into these countries from Pakistan enjoys preferential tariffs (i.e. reduced or zero import duties).

Pakistani exporters are strongly encouraged to make themselves well aware of the terms and conditions for the aforesaid GSP schemes to derive optimal benefit from the concessionary import duties applicable to their products upon export to these countries. Highlights, as well as detailed guidance in respect of the above GSP schemes, can be accessed from the following downloads:

A. Highlights of GSP Schemes

B. Guide on GSP Schemes

C.GSP + Booklet

Origin Certification under the REX System:

  • Pakistan Completely switched over to the REX system on December 31, 2017. Effective January 1, 2018 TDAP stopped issuing Certificate of Origin/ Form-A for exports to the EU (27 countries), Switzerland, Norway and UK. Now only REX-Registered exporters are authorized to issue “Statement on Origin” for their export consignments destined for EU, Switzerland, and Norway.
  • Turkey also implemented the REX system effective July 1, 2019, allowing a 3-month transition period till September 30, 2019. Accordingly, effective October 1, 2019, Turkey also switched over to REX and TDAP  stopped issuing Form-A/ Certificate of Origin for all exports to Turkey. For further details please refer the document “REX Implementation by Turkey” at Sr.11 under “Downloads”.
  • Registration under REX remains open and the TDAP is continuing to register exporters into the REX System. Around 11,000 exporters have already been registered under REX till December 2023. Accordingly, all exporters to the EU, Switzerland, Norway and Turkey not yet registered are advised to get their entities registered under the REX system.
  • The UK is no more part of the REX system effective January 01, 2021 after completion of the transition period for Brexit. Under the newly introduced Developing  Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS) of the UK, enforced on June 19, 2023 , exporters are required to issue origin certificate on their own using copies of Form-A. For further details please refer the document “ UK DCTS  as Applicable to Pakistan” at Sr.13 under “Downloads”.

Important Reference Documents:

  1. For getting registered under the REX system, exporters are required to complete their REX Applications online using the Pre-Application Process and send duly completed Application Forms to TDAP (please refer documents placed at Sr.1, 6, and 7 under “Downloads”).
  2. For guidance on main terms applicable to REX registered companies in Pakistan please refer the document “Main Terms for REX Companies” available at Sr.2 under “Downloads”.
  3. For guidance on countries for which “Statement on Origin (SOO)” can be issued by REX-registered exporters and prescribed “Text” for the SOO, please refer the document “List of Countries & Text for SOO” (Sr.3 under “Downloads”).
  4. For guidance on “Origin Criteria and Rules of Origin” for EU GSP scheme please refer documents available at Sr.4 and Sr.5 under “Downloads.
  5. For detailed guidance on key aspects of the REX system please refer “REX Operational Guide” and “Relevant Articles of GSP Regulations (Sr. 6, 8, and 9 under “Downloads”).
  6. For guidance on REX scheme implementation by Turkey please refer Sr.11 under “Downloads”.
  7. For guidance on “Adjustment of REX Registration Data” please refer Sr.12 under “Downloads”.
  8. For guidance on “UK-DCTS Scheme as Applicable to Pakistan” please refer Sr.13 under “Downloads”.
  9. For assessing the eligibility of export products for preferential tariffs, please refer Sr. 14 under “Downloads

Important Links For The “REX System”:

Please click on the links below to access the web page:

  1. To access online “Pre-application Form” for registration to REX system:
    The pre-application webpage
  2. To view an exporter’s data displayed on EU website:
    Validate REX numbers“ then enter your company’s “TIN” or “REX” number and click respective “validate” button. Then  click “>“  signs to see complete  details of  your  Company’s registration data.
  3. To view REX system Detailed information on the  information displayed on the official EU website:
    The Registered Exporter system (REX system)
  4. To find import tariffs for imports into the EU (or exports to the EU from Pakistan):
  5. Detailed rules of origin, origin certification procedures, import duties in foreign markets and duty savings under various trade agreements can be found by using the ITC Rules of Origin Facilitator:


1- Simple Steps to REX Registration

2- Main Terms For REX Registered Businesses

3- List Of Countries & Text For Statement On Origin

4- Origin Criteria & Rules Of Origin

5- Operations Conferring Origin_Annex 22-03

6- REX Operational Guide_V3, Dec 2023

7- Application For REX Registration Annex 22-06

8- Relevant Articles Of EU-GSP Regulation 2446

9- Relevant Articles Of EU-GSP Regulation 2447

10- Seminars & Trainings On REX System

11- REX Implementation By Turkey

12- Getting REX Data Adjusted

13-  UK-DCTS /as Applicable to Pakistan

14- Eligibility of Products for Preferential Tariffs

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