Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)

Agro & Food Division

Agro Food Division (headed by Director General) is one of the Sectoral Divisions of TDAP which deals with all agro and food products including Rice, Fruits and Vegetables, Sea Food, Meat, Processed Food, Dairy, livestock etc. The Division is responsible for all matters related to the product development, its supply chain diversification, matters/initiatives for market development and diversification, initiatives for creating awareness & capacity building of the exporters in the Agro and Food sector. The division regularly organises participation in international exhibitions, incoming and outgoing delegations, product specific local shows and seminars of Agro Food Products and other promotional initiatives in consultation and coordination with the stakeholders of agro and food sector.

Exports Performance for the Year 2022-2023

basmati rice, rice, rice grains-6578507.jpg

USD 2179.2 Mn


fish, capelin, nature-8210152.jpg

USD 490.8 Mn


flesh, food, beef-3139641.jpg

USD 430.8 Mn


fruits, fresh, basket-1114060.jpg

USD 280.5 Mn


boxes, colours, food-1834416.jpg

USD 273.2 Mn


essential oils, cosmetology, flower wallpaper-2738555.jpg

USD 259.0 Mn

Oil Seeds

spices, cook, spice up-3811727.jpg

USD 111.8 Mn


NumberTitleWebsite Links
1Rice Exporters association of pakistan (REAP)Click Here
2Pakistan Fisheries Exporters AssociationClick Here
3Pakistan Agriculture & Dairy Farmers AssociationClick Here
4Pakistan Dairy AssociationClick Here

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Product Officers List

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