Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)

Planning and Preparation Obtaining a Visa for Pakistan

It is very easy to obtain a visa for Pakistan. For more information, visit, where Online visas are available to citizens from over 175 countries. Western Union has branches in malls and markets and both Master and Visa cards are accepted. Many banks also accept union pay.

Travelling in Lahore

You can easily flag a riksha, or a car to reach anywhere in Lahore via UBER and Careem. Public transport isn’t very much established. The most convenient way though is to get a local guide or a private driver to take you around town without wasting time on booking rides and the hassle of finding routes. In order to travel in Lahore even through Uber and Careem, and to go shopping in old lahore or androon, you need to carry cash.

Planning your stay in Lahore

It is difficult to travel much ground on your first day because settling in takes time. How can one leave without taking a tour to Lahore’s Walled City. It has so many cultural and historic attractions that demands that one stays to witness them! Infact all of Lahore’s must-see attractions are waiting for you.

Next you must plan a visit to exploring modern Lahore and the fantastic eateries. Lastly, a shopping day. Who wants to miss khussa-style shoes with anklets, the beautifully embroidered kurtas, caps, and shawls. They all are must-haves!

For a quick tour of all the main attractions of Lahore, TDCP Sightseeing tourist buses are a good option. Find more about the bus tickets & routes here:

Accommodations in Lahore

There are accommodations to suit all budgets. If you want to stay somewhere close and cosy, Airbnb has you covered, but if you want a more seamless luxury experience, the Pearl Continental Hotel and other luxury hotels should be your first choice. Similarly, you can find locations to stay near Expo Center on

Food in Lahore

Halwa Puri is a traditional Indian breakfast that consists of bread topped with sweet halwa and chickpeas. You can also find sweet Lassi at breakfast establishments, which is a popular summer drink in the area. Nihari is a must-try dish from Lahore, and the greatest thing is that you may have it for breakfast or dinner! Gol Gappay and Meetha Pan are three desi treats you’ve probably never heard of before, and you should taste them before you leave. Lahore is known for its delectable Mithai (sweets), including as Gulab Jaman, Barfi, and Rass Malai.

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